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Supply Lists

Purchase of these items is strictly voluntary.  Basic school supplies are provided for all students in the Lammersville Unified School District.


TK/Kindergarten Supply List
(3) 24 count Crayola Crayons
(15) small glue sticks
(3) Dry Erase Markers
(1) Dry Eraser
(1) Fiskar Scissors
(1) Ream White Copy Paper
(1) Headphones
(1) Tub of Disinfectant Wipes
(1) Box of Tissues
First Grade Supply List
1 pkg Black fine dry erase markers
1 pkg #2 Ticonderoga pencils
1 box Crayola crayons (24 count)
1 pkg. pink pearl erasers (3 pack)
1 pkg. glue sticks
1 box Kleenex
non-chemical baby wipes
Clorox free and clear wipes
Second Grade Supply List
2 packs of #2 pencils sharpened(Ticonderoga preferred!) 
4 or more glue sticks 
1 bottle Elmer’s glue 
16 count (or more) Crayola crayons 
pencil box (large enough to hold all supplies) 
1 single subject notebook 
1 package baby wipes or wet wipes 
1 box of Kleenex 
1 pair of small sized scissors 
Headset for computers put into plastic bag and clearly marked with student’s name 
2 black expo markers 
1 package Ziploc bags- any size
Third Grade Supply List
pencil box
washable markers
sharpened no. 2 pencils
5 black or blue low odor whiteboard markers
facial tissue
1 college ruled perforated edge spiral notebook
1 sturdy laminated folder for homework/classwork
1 package disinfecting wipes
9x12 White Construction Paper
colored pencils
pink erasers
yellow highlighters
3 x 5 index cards(with lines)
glue sticks
hand sanitizer
water bottle 
Fourth Grade Supply List
3-BOXES OF TICONDEROGA PENCILS:  Students need to have sharpened and functional pencils at all times. 
1- HOMEWORK FOLDER: Student’s Choice – basic two pocket folder for bringing homework and papers back and      forth from home to school.
1 - Reams of Wide Ruled Paper
1 -  5 Subject Spiral Notebook  (one notebook that has 5 separate subjects)
1- box of Crayola Colored PENCILS 
1 – box of Crayola Markers
1 – small, manual pencil sharpener (with a lid to catch shavings)
1 pair of scissors
6 - (or more) GLUE STICKS: At least two per student to start with. Extras should be on hand at home and classroom
     donations are always appreciated.
1 –box (4 pack) of DRY ERASE MARKERS:  These go fast and we use them often in class. Again, I can store the 
1 mouse and 1 pair of headphones or earbuds for use with student Chromebooks

Fifth Grade Supply List
Pencil Pouch to keep supplies in
1 pack of pencils 
2- 2 pocket folder with child’s name on it ( to be used for homework)          
2 –packages of COLLEGE RULED binder paper
1 – 10 pack or larger of fine tip markers
1- 4 pack of white board markers  (no neon please)
White-board eraser (old sock works great too)
Headphones or earbuds for Chromebook
1 pack of index notecards 
Mouse for Chromebook (optional) 
Hand held erasers
1- red correction pen 
1 -Highlighter
2– spiral notebook (red and black) 

Sixth Grade Supply List
1 Accordion Folder, 6 pocket
1 composition book - college ruled
1 dry erase marker pack - Expo - color set
1 dry erase marker pack - Expo - black
3 spiral notebooks
2 packs Crayola colored pencils (12 count or more)
2 packs pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils (12 count or more)
1 pencil pouch
1 handheld sharpener 
1 pair of scissors
1 ruler
1 glue stick
1 pair of headphones with a cord 
6 Sharpie, black, Fine Tip
6 Sharpie, black, Ultra Fine Tip
1 tissue - Kleenex - 100 ct

Seventh Grade Supply List
Highlighters (4)
Pencils (lots of EXTRAS)
Pens (red and blue or black)
Binder (1.5 - 2 inches)
Dividers (5)
Loose-leaf binder paper (college ruled)
One-subject spiral notebook (3)
Black composition notebook (2)
Fine tip black marker (2)
Colored pencils
Washable markers (1pack)
Glue stick and bottle
Calculator TI 503sv
Pencil box/pouch
Headphones (wireless is OK)
Eighth Grade Supply List
Binder Paper
3 Ring Binder, 2 inch
Colored Pencils
Composition Book
Glue Sticks
Dry Erase Marker
3rd/4th Grade Music
Third and Fourth Grade Music Students will be playing recorder in music class this year.
Students will learn how to read music and play familiar songs on their own recorders.
Students have the option of purchasing their own recorder from school, which will be
theirs to keep(and also use in Fourth Grade), or borrowing a school recorder. If your
child has a recorder that they got from a sibling, etc, they may use that recorder.
Recorders are to be purchased through the school for $3.00. If you want to
purchase a recorder, please send cash or check, made out to “Lammersville
Unified School District,” to your child’s classroom.
Students will be expected to bring their recorder to music class each week, as part of
their music grade. Students are encouraged to take the recorder home to practice, and
they must remember to bring it back to school for music class. 

5th Grade Music
In Fifth Grade, students participate in either band or choir for their MUSIC Class.
Please watch your email the week of August 7 to register for band or choir.
The instruments that a student can play in Fifth Grade band are:
● Flute
● Clarinet
● Alto Saxophone
● Trumpet
● Trombone
● Baritone
● Percussion: Mallets and Practice Pad (student must learn both)
Families interested in Band are requested to provide their own instruments and
supplies. We recommend renting or purchasing through a local music store or
Band Students Need:
★ “Tradition of Excellence: Book One” (RED Book) for THEIR instrument
★ Pencils
★ Instrument
★ the following supplies:
Reeded Woodwinds (Clarinets and Saxophones): At least three #2 reeds at all times, Rico or Vandoren brand only, cleaning swab
Flute: Cleaning swab
Brass (Trumpet, Baritone): Yamaha or Blue Juice Valve Oil
Trombone: Slide Grease
Percussion: Student Percussion Kit containing a Bell Kit and Practice Pad, sticks, mallets and stands for both
Recommended Instrument Brands: Jupiter, Yamaha, Selmer, Bach, Gemeinhardt,
King, Conn, Armstrong, Buffet Percussion Kits: Yamaha, Ludwig
*If you choose a brand that is not on this list, it must be approved by the teacher as poor quality instruments often need repair and inhibit student learning.
Choir Students Need:
★ Black three prong folder or binder
Middle School Music
For all ensemble rehearsals everyone will need:
 ➔ -A pencil 
➔ -A black binder and plastic sleeves 
➔ -Wet erase markers 
➔ -Instrument 
➔ -Traditions of Excellence Book 2 for your instrument 
Woodwind players will need: 
➔ -Correctly sized reeds      -A swab      -Additionally, flute players will need a cleaning rod 
Brass players will need: 
➔ -Slide grease/valve oil      -cleaning snake      -Additionally trombone players will need a small spray bottle of water. 
Percussionists will need: 
➔ -Drum sticks- Vic Firth SD2 or any brand 5A recommended for concert snare 
➔ *Basic mallets will be provided