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Mission Statement

LUSD Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Lammersville Unified School District, as a collaborative partnership of families, community members and staff, is to graduate all students with the knowledge and ability to make good choices, to act responsibly, to eventually enter the workforce in a profession of their choice, and to continue lifelong learning.
To accomplish this, LUSD will celebrate literacy, problem solving, and building a successful future by ensuring that all first graders can read and comprehend at grade level, that all fourth graders can read and write at grade level, that all eighth graders are proficient or proficiency prepared for Algebra, and that all twelfth graders graduate college and career ready.
We believe that:
     • Every human being is important and has value.
     • The freedom and rights enjoyed in society require that individuals take responsibility for their actions.
     • The family is the critical element in an individual's development.
     • Reaching one's potential requires great effort.
     • Expectations profoundly influence our own performance and the performance of others.
     • Every person is responsible for making the community a better place.
     • Honesty and integrity are essential to building trusting relationships.
     • People learn best in a safe, healthy environment.
     • Meaningful accomplishment enhances the motivation essential for continues success.